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Fortnite Season 7: How to earn Battle Stars fast

With the arrival of the new alien invasion in Chapter 2, it’s more important than ever to earn those Fortnite Battle Stars. With such fantastic new Season 7 skins to be earned such as Superman and Rick Sanchez players will want to get Battle Stars quickly and cleanly as possible. Here’s how to use the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass and unlock those Stars fast.

How to earn Fortnite Battle Stars quickly

Fortnite Season 7 Battle Stars

The main way to earn Battle Stars in Fortnite Season 7 is by leveling up through the game’s Battle Pass, and the quickest way to earn those Battle Stars is by paying for new levels. There are ways to earn Battle Stars without spending money at all, but this is the fastest and most direct way to get them.

If the player has the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass, they earn five Battle Stars for every time they level up. The quickest way to level up, other than just playing the game a lot, is by completing the various Season 7 Challenges, which can net 30,000 XP for each one completed. As mentioned, players can also buy levels, with each level costing 150 V-Bucks. This way won’t unlock any free items, but it will give the five Battle Stars.

It may also be possible to unlock Battle Stars without purchasing the Battle Pass, as various quests and challenges have offered three to nine Battle Stars in the past, not to mention hidden Stars throughout the map. These haven’t been revealed yet, however, so the quickest way is still the Battle Pass.

The alien invasion-themed Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has officially kicked off, bringing with it such exciting new skins as the Man of Steel himself, Superman, and Rick & Morty’s Rick Sanchez and an unlockable Hammer Morty. Beyond that, here are the details on when Season 7 will be running to.