Fortnite’s Rick skin doesn’t come with a Morty but it has the next best thing

Fortnite Season 7 has added a Rick Sanchez skin to its Battle Pass, with the Rick and Morty character being added to the game as part of its alien-themed ‘Invasion’ update. However, this particular Rick doesn’t come with his own Morty, which fans of the animated series will know is against the show’s rules. In the series, Rick must travel with a Morty at all times, given that his grandson has a specific brain pattern whereby his inferior intellect masks Rick’s superior intellect, making the pair undetectable as they travel through space and between dimensions. So, where is Morty in Fortnite?

Is there a Fortnite Morty skin release date?

hammerhead morty skin

Fans may be disappointed to learn that a Fortnite Morty skin hasn’t been added to the game, though Epic Games does feature the character in some capacity. As part of the Rick skin’s set, the character is given a special harvesting tool — Hammerhead Morty. This alternate dimension version of Morty, who first appeared in the season one episode ‘Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,’ can be used to swipe up materials in the game.

Hammerhead Morty has likely been introduced by Epic Games as a workaround for it not wanting to allow players to effectively shoot a character who is canonically 14 years old. This was also previously the case with the game’s Stranger Things crossover, with Epic choosing to not add any skins that resembled the show’s cast of children.

fortnite rick skin set morty

Given that Fortnite is a relatively kid-friendly game (minus the guns, of course), it’s understandable why the developer wouldn’t want to include a Morty skin, even if the character has been through many violent escapades in the Adult Swim series. However, Hammerhead Morty is arguably the best alternative possible, as it’s a solid reference to the show that also makes sense in terms of its utilization in Fortnite.

However, this does raise questions over the fate of Hammerhead Morty, who seemingly met his end after being used as a human—er, hammer shield in the episode ‘The Rickshank Redemption.’ His addition in Fortnite either suggests that he survives that encounter, or that Epic Games haven’t stuck to the Rick and Morty canon and have inserted Hammerhead Morty into the game just because it’s funny. We tend to believe it’s the latter option.

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