Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs update finally has a release date

The new Minecraft update introduces new cave and cliff formations and will arrive soon, developers Mojang have confirmed. The aptly titled “Caves and Cliffs” update also introduces a new block, Copper Ore, and is set to launch this week.

When does Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs update come out?

Minecraft 1.17 Update Release Date

Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs update is releasing on June 8 at around 10 AM ET/3 PM BST.

The above time is based on the usual rollout time of past updates. Of course, it’s possible that the update will be delayed, especially when targeting so many platforms. It’s important to remain patient while the new content is rolled out.

This week’s update is part one of the Caves and Cliffs update, which Mojang has split into two. The second part due for release this winter.

Part one of the update features new copper blocks – split into regular copper ore and rare ore found in deepslate – and a new mob, the glow squid. The glow squid was initially exclusive to Minecraft Earth but is now making its way to the base game.

The ambitious expansion was announced during the Minecraft Live event this year. Fans will no doubt be eager to see if the content is worth the hype.

The release date was confirmed by Mojang last week, and it means fans don’t have to wait long to get their hands on the new update. The expansion will release on a plethora of Minecraft-compatible devices. It launches on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC.

With new blocks, the wretched glow squid and new caves, part one of Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs update is a big one. This is just part one of the expansion, meaning there’s even more to come later this year.

Once downloaded, players can get to exploring those caves and cliffs, and hunting down the new creature!