Eager players are using VPNs to access Marvel Future Revolution early

Marvel Future Revolution APK is the latest game starring the iconic Avengers. Billed as Marvel’s first open-world mobile game, it’s not set for a wide release until later this year. However, early access sign-ups are live now. Nifty Marvel fans have found a way to use VPNs to access Marvel Future Revolution early, bypassing the wait.

How to download and play Marvel Future Revolution APK early

Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel fans are accessing Future Revolution by hopping onto a VPN to spoof their location. While the game isn’t available worldwide yet, it has enjoyed a soft launch in Canada. Therefore, players have been able to set their device location to Canada. This has granted them access to the game despite not living there. It released in Canada on July 2, meaning players have had just under two weeks to play the superhero adventure, while the rest of the world waits.

It’s the best way for those living outside of Canada to try out the game, while the long wait for its worldwide release continues. VPNs are a common tactic to use when a mobile game is region-locked – and during Pokemon Go’s rise to fame in summer 2016, were a great way to play the game when it was only available in America. With that said, the reason for a soft launch is often to test stability in a smaller area, before scaling things up. Using VPNs could therefore have a negative impact on the game’s development, not to mention potential Terms of Service breaches.

While we don’t have a concrete release date yet, Marvel Future Revolution is tipped to launch in late 2021. Developed by Netmarble, the free-to-play game places you in the shoes of an Omega Flight soldier. Following the accidental release of a barrage of Marvel’s iconic supervillains, the agents team up with heroes like Iron Man and Black Widow to save the day.

Even though it’s not out worldwide yet, VPNs have allowed fans to try out Marvel Future Revolution.

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