Bethesda reveals free Deathloop DLC, and here’s how to get it

Bethesda has revealed a set of Deathloop free DLC for the eagerly-anticipated PS5 and PC game, coming this September. The free Deathloop DLC takes the form of a colorful new skin for player character Colt and a matching skin for his Strelak Verso guns. The free Deathloop skins will be available when the game launches this September 14 and can be easily claimed. Here’s how to get this free Deathloop weapon and skin.

How to claim the Deathloop free DLC skins

Deathloop free DLC

The free Deathloop DLC skins can be claimed quite easily right now, and here’s how to do it:

  1. If this hasn’t already been done, create a Bethesda account on the publisher’s website.
  2. Head over to the Arkane Studios website and click to join the “Arkane Outsiders” group. If the user is already a member of the group the option will be blanked out, otherwise log in to the Bethesda account and click “Join Now.”
  3. Once Deathloop launches on September 14 log in to the Bethesda account in the game and the free DLC items will automatically get added.

Anyone signing up should immediately get ‘The Art of Arkane’ digital artbook added to their Bethesda account’s Transaction History, which includes art from Prey, Dishonored, and even Deathloop itself. As for the free Deathloop DLC, it consists of the ‘Eternalist Colt’ skin for the player character and a unique weapon that matches the color style, the ‘Ever After’ Strelak Verso pistol — which looks like it can be dual-wielded, going by the picture.

Deathloop is finally out this coming September 14 after being delayed several times, and just received another big showing at Sony’s most recent State of Play stream — alongside battle royale Hunter’s Arena: Legends and a fresh look at the Death Stranding: Director’s Cut that was confirmed at E3, although sadly the rumors were false and Silent Hill wasn’t there.