Will Silent Hill finally be revealed at the July State of Play?

Fans are wondering whether the impending July State of Play will finally contain the big Silent Hill reveal that’s been rumored, “leaked,” and hinted at for almost my entire career as a games writer. A surprise Silent Hill announcement has been rumored to be coming at every gaming event since the 2015 cancellation of Silent Hills. Still, two things are making the fanbase especially rabid this time around. So, will Konami’s iconic horror series finally make an appearance, or will we be forced to continue suffering in silence?

Will Silent Hill be at the July State of Play?

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With so many events only getting a few days lead up these days, “leakers” constantly generate a low-level amount of buzz around popular franchises. The longer that it’s been since a game series has seen a new title, the more likely it is that these rumors will take on a life of their own. But, of course, most of these are nothing but telephone game whisperings at best and outright, clout-chasing lies at worst.

However, two recent events may indicate that the Silent Hill series is seeing a revival.

Konami has entered into a “strategic cooperation agreement” with Bloober Team. Since Bloober Team has worked exclusively on horror titles, many think the studio must be helming a new Silent Hill game.

Fans have also pointed to the strange behavior of the enigmatic Blue Box Game Studios as being an ARG teasing a new Silent Hill title. While many things match up and seem to indicate that Blue Box may be a front for a revived Silent Hills with Kojima at the helm, the studio head has refuted that connection several times.

Silent Hill fans have been burnt too many times, and we shouldn’t get much hope that a new title will be announced at the July State of Play. Unfortunately, Konami seems aimless when utilizing its IPs, so we shouldn’t expect much out of it other than collections of NES games and soccer titles.