James Bond villain sim Evil Genius 2 gets a free Team Fortress 2 DLC crossover

Rebellion has revealed some surprise Evil Genius 2 TF2 DLC, bringing a Team Fortress 2 crossover to its James Bond villain management sim. The Evil Genius 2 Team Fortress 2 DLC adds Pyro as a new henchman for the player’s evil mastermind to recruit, along with new story missions and three new TF2-related loot items to steal — and even better, it’s free and out today. Here’s how to get the Evil Genius 2 free Pyro DLC on Steam.

How to get the Evil Genius 2 TF2 DLC for free

Evil Genius 2 TF2 DLC

The free Evil Genius 2 DLC is available now on PC and can be easily downloaded, although it may not be immediately obvious since it doesn’t get added to the game automatically. Here’s how to get it:

  1. First, the user needs to have a Steam account and a copy of Evil Genius 2: World Domination on Steam, if they don’t already have both.
  2. Head to the DLC page for the Evil Genius 2 free Pyro expansion, either through the direct link or through the Steam client. In the price box it should say ‘Free,’ so click ‘Download.’ It will require logging in to the Steam account with Evil Genius 2.
  3. The Pyro DLC should now have been added to Evil Genius 2. Open the game and Pyro should get in touch with the player with a new mission. Complete these missions to get Pyro as a henchman. Once these missions are completed and Pyro is recruited, other missions should start appearing on the map to steal three TF2 loot items — Briefcase of Australium, Briefcase of Intelligence, Payload.

Also out today for Evil Genius 2 is the ‘Rise of the Valkyrie‘ DLC, which allows players to recruit the opera singer Doomhilda. This expansion’s not free, however. Sadly, there are currently no plans to bring Evil Genius 2 to consoles, although it’s not unknown for management sims such as Evil Genius 2 or Jurassic World Evolution 2 to appear on consoles — so hopefully that will change.