E3 2019 | Evil Genius 2 trailer reveals first details on “world domination” sim

At the PC Gaming Show at E3 today, Rebellion brought some details on a few of its upcoming games. For anyone who’s ever dreamed of being a James Bond villain (or Austin Powers‘ Dr. Evil), the first proper reveal of Evil Genius 2: World Domination probably brought you a lot of excitement. The game is a “world domination” sim, or a management-strategy title if we’re being general, and is the sequel to 2004’s Evil Genius. The first Evil Genius 2 trailer revealed that the team are keeping things very faithful to the first game.

The idea behind both Evil Genius and the upcoming sequel is that you play a James Bond-esque evil mastermind, and are trying to conquer the world with a mixture of theft, intimidation, assassination, espionage, and finally building a doomsday device and holding the planet to ransom. The goal is to build up your secret base, send minions and henchmen out on missions, deflect attention, and finally build death traps to kill or repel the secret agent do-gooders looking to put a stop to your dastardly plans. It’s similar to Dungeon Keeper, except with ’60s spy movies instead of D&D-style fantasy.

First Evil Genius 2 trailer shows the James Bond villain gameplay

You can check out the first trailer for Evil Genius 2 above, as revealed at the PC Gaming Show at E3. It shows a few of the things you’ll get to do or command in the game, such as train basic minions in defense, martial arts, and stealth. Like the first game, players will also get tougher henchmen characters, who are a lot more powerful and efficient. We also got a look at a few of the villain options, including the classic Blofeld/Dr Evil “short bald guy with a scar” archetype. There was also a spy character who looked a lot like Marvel’s Agent Carter, who sadly met an untimely end in one of the villain’s trap, which we may get manual control over this time.

The only release date we’ve currently got for Evil Genius 2: World Domination is 2020, and at the moment it’ll be exclusive to PC via Steam.