Death Stranding Director’s Cut new story content might shed more light on the BB project

The new Death Stranding Director’s Cut trailer at the July State of Play confirmed that the game would be receiving new story content. Despite the main plotline wrapping up pretty succinctly, many mysteries remain unsolved. Though we only saw glimpses of what the Director’s Cut upgrade has to offer, we can make a guess that at least part of this new storyline will center around the Bridge Baby program.

What new story content is in Death Stranding Director’s Cut?

One of the central characters in Death Stranding is Sam’s Bridge Baby. Despite how big of a role BB plays in the game, we don’t meet any other Bridge Babies, nor is the process of their creation closely examined.

When the game begins, BBs are treated as disposable tools by Deadman and other members of Bridges. The fact that BBs supposedly only last around a year means somewhere they’re being produced regularly. Since each BB requires a pregnant, brain-dead mother to be created, there’s almost certainly some sort of horrific crime against humanity being committed somewhere.

A scene in the trailer shows a group of white BB canisters sunk into the dirt with the word “Prototype” written on them. We know that Sam will be exploring an overgrown ruined building in the new story content, and it’s likely that this is where the BB program got its start. Perhaps we’ll get to learn the story behind the first Bridge Baby and get an expanded explanation of why they’re treated so callously.

A PlayStation Blog entry states that the new content coming with Death Stranding Director’s Cut is interwoven with the base game. As such, we don’t know if the new story will be part of the main plotline or if it’s entirely optional. If we had to guess, we’d say it’s the latter, but we won’t know for sure until the game launches on September 24, 2021.