Capcom Is Bringing Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 To Next-Gen Consoles

After months of rumors, Capcom has confirmed that it will be bringing the three latest Resident Evil releases to next-generation consoles. The current roadmap places Resident Evil 6 on a March 29th release, Resident Evil 5 in Summer 2016, and Resident Evil 4 in Fall 2016.

Each release will be sold for $19.99 and will be available in both physical and digital form. No PC version has been confirmed.

Of these releases, Resident Evil 4 is by far the most well-received, with history winning a multitude of game of the year awards. It has been ported over to several newer platforms with relatively positive results. Meanwhile, Resident Evil 5 is noteworthy for its co-op play that makes for a great local multiplayer experience.

Below you will find the official announcement trailer.