Battlefield 5 Shows Up In Retail Listing… As a World War 1 Tactical Shooter

It's all but confirmed at this point that this year a new Battlefield game will be released. After all, it's been two years since the last release, and there's a distinct absence of FPS games currently scheduled for release.

This begs the question: what will this year's Battlefield do to keep things fresh?

If a new retail listing on Swiss website WOG is to be believed, then EA has decided to go with a completely new setting for its next Battlefield. The retailer lists Battlefield 5 as being a "tactical shooter in World War 1", surprising many fans who have grown used to seeing modern and futuristic shooters this generation.

Though, this detail is just a rumor, and one that is hard to believe. World War 1 isn't often seen in gaming because it wasn't a very exciting war. The number of weapons present in the war known for immobile trench warfare wasn't very high, and there certainly weren't many vehicles, either. It'd make for a somewhat limited setting for a Battlefield game.

We should find out soon what Battlefield 5 will be all about. For now, it's worth talking about if World War 1 would actually make a good setting.