Road Rash Spiritual Successor “Road Rage” Is In Development

Maximum Games has confirmed that it's working on a new game for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It's called Road Rage, and it's a motorcycle racing game where you can bring weapons with you into each race.

Sound familiar? It appears to be being built with inspiration from the classic Road Rash games, which hold special value with many gamers.

The premise for its single-player campaign is as follows:

When there’s no law to obey, there’s no law to break…

In the broken city of Ashen, lines are heavily drawn and being “in” with the right people could mean the difference between life and death. You are Ace, the newest member of the outlaw motorcycle club controlling Ashen with its underground crime. You have two goals in life: earn lots of money and ride fast.

With big dreams to become club president, you set in motion a new strategy to fulfill the goals of the motorcycle gang, using your skill on a bike to propel you into a position of ultimate control. Once president, you can use your crew to chase your own goals.

However, challenging authority in Ashen simply isn’t done… and being reckless could lead you to learn about the real art of war!

Judging by the three screenshots that have been released, you can race on a traditional motorcycle as well as a dirt bike. As far as weapons go, there's at least a sledgehammer, axe, and crowbar.

You can see more on the official site.