Kanye West’s New Album Takes Retro Gaming Turn

I don’t know a damn thing about Kanye West, aside from that whole “I’m-a let you finish” debacle a few years back. But it appears, through Twitter, Mr. West has decided that his new album will be in some way dedicated—at least by name—to NEC’s lost console the TurboGrafx-16.

Who would’a thunk Kanye had some retro gamer in him?

Now this may not be binding in any way, as he just announced it and developers of any media can change the names of their projects at any time. But think about it… tracks dedicated to Bonk’s Adventure? A diss track inspired by Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu? Maybe a super-fast, “blazing” track featuring sounds from Blazing Lazers?

If you’re a fan, are you interested into his diving into gaming nostalgia? Has he done this before and I just missed it until now?