Wii U Will Reportedly Cease Production in 2016

Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo intends to halt Wii U production during 2016. The report goes as far as to mention that Nintendo has already stopped production of several Wii U accessories in anticipation of the halt on its current generation platform.

While the report doesn't mention Nintendo NX's release, there are many rumors that point toward a Fall 2016 debut with an announcement at E3 in June.

This lends credence to the rumors that the next The Legend of Zelda game has shifted from a release on Wii U to the NX, which would explain last year's delay.

The Wii U currently stands at 12.6 million units sold within 3.5 years of being on the market, and is currently losing steam. This makes it one of the worst-selling consoles of all-time, placing it far below the numbers of the Nintendo 64 and GameCube.

This begs the question: will the NX have Wii U backward compatibility? This would certainly prove a strong incentive for Nintendo's investment in its strong 2015 and 2016 first-party games, and would help provide the NX strong software at launch.

No official statement has been made by Nintendo.