Latest The Division Bug Locks Players Out of Playing for One Week [Update]

[Update] This lockout bug could stem from crafting a "high-end" backpack. So for now, refrain from creating one at the crafting station.

[Original] Starting early this week, reports surfaced of Tom Clancy's The Division players being locked out of their accounts. At first it was only a few players, but as time went on, hundreds of others came to forums and sites like Reddit to share their problem.

After a few days of radio silence Ubisoft has posted about the known issue with the following:

  • [Connectivity] Infinite Loading / Crafting We are aware of an issue that is preventing players from connecting. This is mostly linked to the crafting of certain high-end items. This is also often linked to MIKE 20250383. The team is looking into this.
  • [Connectivity] Infinite Loading Some users are unable to load the game. The game will start up but the initial loading screen will not complete the loading. The cause of the issue is currently unknown, some players said the issue started after some items went missing and when they logged back in, they could not load the game again. Issue under investigation.

As stated above, there is no known cause for the problem, which means that Ubisoft is unsure of how to help those who are currently unable to play. A patch may be required in order to unlock these players.

In the event that you are affected by this bug, you are encouraged to visit the official forum thread and post about it. The more details that Ubisoft can gather from affected players, the sooner it can create a fix.