Most Players in Tom Clancy’s The Division Are Loners

Online multiplayer is one of the core selling points for Tom Clancy's The Division, but according to this gameplay infographic from Ubisoft, more players spend time riddling looters with bullets off the face of New York City all by their lonesome.

More players have been going at it solo (57.2%) rather than cooperative (42.8%) by a fair margin. Considering that the game rewards players with better loot for joining forces and makes your life much easier in the Dark Zone, this stat is rather surprising.

However, the game does require you to play the story campaign solo, and you can actually complete the game entirely solo, two factors that would explain the discrepancy. It can also be difficult pairing with a group that's completely around your level and wants to explore the same area.

In other stats, we've collectively killed over 17 billion people in the game already, which is enough to kill every person in America more than fifty times over.