Winning Putt Spring Update Bringing Interstellar Golf Course and Survival Time Attack Mode

The free-to-play golf MMO Winning Putt for PC will be getting a massive Spring Update tomorrow, bringing a new course on the moon called Starglen and a nerve-wracking but challenge Survival Time Attack Mode.

Available at Level 15, Starglen is meant for expert players who can navigate the difficult slopes and thin fairways of the moon-bound course. It may not have a gentler force of gravity, but Starglen is challenging enough. During my playthrough of the course at a private event in Bandai Namco's new studio in California, I attempted to shoot the golf ball away from the bunker-like craters and the steep slopes that would send the ball down out of bounds. To no avail.

The new Survival Time Attack Mode (who what I call Hearet Attack Mode), available at Level 13, is exciting and intense, allowing up to 20 players to play simultaneously with the flight of everyone's ball tracked. The first player to get his or her ball into the cup will start a countdown of 45 seconds (or 30 seconds if you want the mode to be even tougher). Anyone who is unable to complete the hole in time will be cut from the mode and must pay a small amount of coins to enter back in. If you're quick on your feet, though, you'll earn top marks and ranking points toward monthly rewards.

Along with this is the possibility of more rewards through the Volero Tour, a four-season tour with over 30 tournaments that lead up to the grand championships. One special event, like the Sakura Pro-Am, will be held each season, and in this case players can win an awesome jacket with a cool aura and color for placing in the top five in the Pro-Am. Placing first will come with the best prizes along with your face on a leaderboard in the town square.

Winning Putt is still in Open Beta and is free-to-play on PC. The Spring Tour, including the Volero Tour, starts tomorrow.