Wii U Forecast to Only Sell 800k Units in 2016

Nintendo's latest financial statement to investors included several goodies that have quickly gained attention of investors and gamers. But it also shared some troubling information regarding the Wii U.

After watching demand trends, Nintendo forecasts that only 800,000 Wii U units will be sold through in 2016. If true, this would make it the lowest-selling console since the 90's; not even the Dreamcast fell to this level.

In anticipation of decreased demand, Nintendo has confirmed reduced manufacturing orders for the Wii U, and is expected to phase out the console by March of 2018. This has worried some Wii U owners, who may have no means of replacement for the failure-prone Wii U GamePad if it breaks.

Although this is sad news, the Nintendo NX brings with it hope, and it won't be much longer before it hits the market.