Get Spec Ops: The Line for Just $1 in Humble 2K Bundle 2

The Humble Bundles keep rolling onward, and this time it's featuring 2K's games for a second time in the Humble 2K Bundle 2. For only $15, you can score eight games from the publisher's catalogue that together are quite a deal. Of course you don't need to pay for the entire bundle.

In fact, I would say that Spec Ops: The Line, which in my view is still one of the best, most mature shooters ever made, is worth purchasing for the asking price of $1. That's less than a soda from a vending machine nowadays.

The second tier of games include NBA 2K16​, Sid Meier's Civilization V, and Mafia II: Digital Deluxe Edition, which you can grab if you pay more than the average. At the time of this writing, the average is just $8.39, and as usual, there are more games to arrive in the tier as the deal continues until August 2 at 11am PST.

For the full $15 (or more), you'll receive the latest Battleborn along with 230 Platinum currency and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. And this time around, a portion of your proceeds can go to GameChanger, a charity that provides video games to children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.