Square Put a Florence and the Machine Song Over This Final Fantasy XV Promo But it Wasn’t “Shake It Out,” And Then They Also Covered “Stand by Me”

We all know that regrets collect like old friends, and I suspect the Final Fantasy XV marketing team will some day regret this missed opportunity. They had Florence and the Machine down for putting a song overtop of their promo video, but they didn't ask for Shake it Out. Below, you can see the new video in all of its C+ glory. For justice, I embedded a dope-ass MMA highlight video which features Shake it Out right below that, by a video maker I wish would do more stuff, MachineMen.

Shake it Out:

And the Florence and the Marketing Machine news doesn't stop there. I guess there are… new songs for the game? No one seems to be specifying this in news that I read. These titles don't sound familiar to me though, so here they are, Florence and the Machine's other songs from Final Fantasy XV, starting with Too Much is Never Enough:

Okay that was kind of nice. The game (I think, or at least its marketing campaign) also includes this cover of Stand by Me:

So this is actually rad. These are on an album called "Songs From Final Fantasy XV," so I don't know if that means they'll actually play during the game or what. It obviously sounds like yes, but… people do weird shit with that stuff, these days.

Before you go, some people are claiming that the release date has been delayed to November and are using the fact that there's no date at the end of that trailer as supporting evidence. I'll still be finishing up writing TGS stuff all September anyway, so I don't give a damn, but I send my sympathy to all those whose plans would be affected by such a delay.