Welcome to Nuka-World, The Last DLC for Fallout 4

All aboard the Nuka-Express! Let's take a trip to Nuka-World!

Bethesda has revealed the official trailer for the last (well, reportedly the last) DLC for Fallout 4, Nuka-World, which will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in just a few weeks on August 30.

Littered with gargantuan run-down Nuka bottles, the Nuka-World amusement park should be brimming with bottle caps and all sorts of Nuka-Colas: Quartz, Quantum, Ice-Cold, and likely a few special types just for this DLC. Between the broken-down roller coaster and irradiated water rides, some of the mini-games still seem to work like the Hoop Shot and Atomic Rollers skee-ball.

The Nuka-Galaxy roller coaster and Giddyup Buttercup merry-go-round also look open, but the park is infested with raiders, large reptilian enemies from the zoo, horned brahmin, feral ghouls, and Nuka-themed Protectrons. The park itself seems split between different themes like a haunted house, Kiddie Kingdom, a castle, and a Nuka-Cade.

The expansion also comes with plenty of Nuka-themed assets for settlements like Bottle and Cappy statues, bottle-shaped houses, and ice-cream-cone columns. But it also comes with raider assets like a Raider Signal Flag, so there could be different factions of raiders in the amusement park.

And I'm wondering how much I'll troll raiders with my badass electric paddle. A lot, I suspect.