Fallout Cans Turn Anything You Drink Into Nuka Cola

These Fallout cans can turn anything you drink into Nuka Cola, and if that’s the case, we feel that this is possibly the best time to be selling them. With summer already causing us to flail and look for the nearest body of water, it’s no surprise that we’d be looking for a can that would give us the ability to one, keep our drink super cool and two, look stylish while doing so. Thankfully, this is where the Nuka Cola cans come in.

Said to be officially releasing in September this year, these lovely Nuka Cola cans will be the perfect accessory for you when you pick up Fallout 76 two months later in November. And while it may not be too hot during that time, you’ll be happy to know that the cans can keep liquid warm just as well as they can keep it cool.

What’s more, the cans are being sold on Merchoid, a website where you’re able to get all the latest video game merchandise. As you can probably tell by the name, these Nuka Cola cans are sadly not the bottles you can receive in the Fallout games, so you won’t be earning any bottle caps if you purchase them. However, that shouldn’t stop you from adding something else to your Fallout collection, especially something so useful.

In other news, Bethesda recently spoke about how Skyrim, despite being nearly 8 years old, still gets over 1 million new players each month. Considering that the smash-hit RPG is single player, that’s quite an achievement and should be applauded. What’s more, Todd Howard stated that it was the game’s popularity among players that has led it to be ported on almost all of the major platforms.

Let’s hope that Elder Scrolls 6 will receive such a reception, and a nice can like the one Merchoid is currently selling for Fallout.