Gran Turismo Sport Is Phenomenally Beautiful in Latest Screenshots

Polyphony Digital has been relatively quiet about Gran Turismo Sport's development leading up to release, a change of pace from prior releases in the series. We've occasionally seen screenshots, but not much else. Today it continues that silence, but at the very least we have beautiful new screenshots to drool at.

One of the most drastic changes we've seen from Gran Turismo Sport since its reveal last year is in regards to its visual design. Despite early concerns, this 1080p monster is now by far the best-looking Gran Turismo yet. Everything from car detail to foliage, surface imperfections and lighting have been designed with impeccable detail. Even rally tracks are visually impressive.

Check out what Gran Turismo Sport looks like on its latest build in the gallery below.

Our hands-on impressions of Gran Turismo Sport weren't particularly positive at E3 2016. Nonetheless, it has potential to become an exciting title for racing fans with an emphasis on real-world professional racing culture.