The Witness Is Coming to Xbox One in September

Developer Jonathan Blow has revealed that The Witness is coming to Xbox One.

Aimed at a September 13th release date, the Xbox One version will be a direct port of its PS4 and PC versions, although there will be minor differences as a result of the different controller and feature set of the Xbox One.

The Witness is one of the highest-rated games of 2016 with an 87 Metascore. It has earned a reputation for providing a great sense of exploration and thoughtfully crafted puzzles. It's also one of the most visually stunning games of this generation.

The Witness' September release places it alongside several other Xbox One console exclusives coming in Fall 2016 including ReCore on September 13th, Forza Horizon 3 on September 27th, and Gears of War 4 on October 11th.