Finally! Sony Stealthily Adds Two-Step Verification on PlayStation Network

Stealthily, Sony has enhanced the personal security of PlayStation Network by introducing an optional two-step verification to your account, which you can (and should) set up right now. This extra layer of security will apply to your PS3, PS4, and PSVITA accounts.

You'll be able to find the two-step verification buried under a series of menus but you'll find it through PlayStation Network Account Management on your console's Settings menu.

You will need your master/sub account sign-in ID, password, and a mobile internet-ready phone with which to received text messages. You can tied up to two mobile numbers tied to this "2SV" step. Sony urges users to take note of the multiple backup codes in case you need them at a later time.

Yes, the two-step verification system can be a more of a hassle for you than anything else and I let out a short sigh every time Steam does this to me. But that's just a slight blip compared to actually getting hacked, and given the frequency of hacked accounts on PSN, the two-step verification process couldn't have come at a better time.