Star Citizen’s Latest Gameplay Demo Is Really Impressive

I've played Star Citizen for a few hours. Although many of my impressions are negative, graphics have never been a problem. This is a game that is visually astounding, especially when you consider that it's an MMO.

CitizenCon 2016 was hosted during the past three days, an event specifically for Star Citizen and its fanbase. There were several panels for attendees to see, including one yesterday where 30 minutes of live gameplay footage from the latest build was demonstrated.

As with its prior demonstration, what was shown blew away the audience. Similar in format, a ship was shown entering the atmosphere of a planet. It then glided and landed on the planet's surface before deploying a land vehicle. The player was then shown engaging several A.I. in first-person combat.

Check it out below:

Cloud Imperium Games announced this week that Squadron 42, Star Citizen's single-player element, will be delayed to 2017.