Battlefield 1 Is Already Being Overwhelmed With Cheaters

One of the greatest challenges that FPS developers face is combating hackers. It's an element that can be easily overlooked by developers, but has the potential to completely destroy a game's popularity if unchecked.

Battlefield has always been prone to cheaters, and they seem to have wasted no time focusing their efforts on Battlefield 1. Cheaters are being reported at an alarming rate on both forums and social media. The hacks come in the form of both aimbots and wallhacks; the first allows a player to automatically aim on opponents without effort, while the latter provides a means for seeing players out of line of sight.

It's a problem that arose during the Beta period, but many excused due to the test nature of the version. Now that we're effectively on the final "launch" version, some players are feeling uneasy about EA's anti-cheating measures for the game.

PCGamer writer Evan Lahti managed to capture footage of one such hacker, which can be seen below:

The scariest thing about this is is that most cheaters try very hard not to make their cheats obvious. Instead of desiring to go 65-0 like the player in the video above, they are only looking for a slight advantage as to prevent themselves from having to deal with losing.

EA has a history of doing a decent job with handling cheaters. We can only hope that they are able to take swift action in this case.