Is Dying Light 2 In Production?

Don't look now, but the sequel to the parkour/dune buggy/zombie game Dying Light may be in the works, and the lead game designer definitely doesn't want you to think so.

Recently, the studio behind Dying Light, Techland, released a video tour of their gigantic office in Poland. The video crew seemed to walk in unannounced to various offices, in one of which character designers were distinctly working on a zombie character. See for yourself in the video below. They enter this room at the 7:50 mark.

Lead game designer Maciej Binkowski deflected a direct question about this on Twitter, but in a seemingly suggestive or cheeky way.

Three possibilities as to what this means: it's an unrelated zombie game (unlikely), it's more Dying Light DLC (possible) or it's a Dying Light sequel (likely). Techland has always promised more DLC after its big expansion, The Following, they already delivered on that promise in April, at least modestly. They released four different packs with various skins and weapons, and there has been no indication of anything since.

That's why a sequel makes the most sense. Techland has said all along that they want to continue in the Dying Light franchise, and a candid video of designers working on zombies might be the smoking gun for this unannounced title.