Hiring Forza’s Audio Designer Has Fixed Gran Turismo’s Poor Sound Quality

There aren't many bad things you can say about Gran Turismo, but sound design is one of them. The series has a long history of falling short of true-to-life simulation with cars that sound like vacuum machines. Thankfully, Polyphony Digital has found the answer.

As reported several months ago, a former lead audio designer for the Forza series recently left Turn 10 Studio to join Polyphony Digital. This new audio expert has provided a new angle on how to tackle audio solutions, and Eurogamer says the results are fantastic.

In its write up, it says that engine notes and diesel whines aren't too far off from reality. The sense of being in a car has benefited tremendously as a result. Director Kazunori Yamauchi is aware of how well the game is shaping up, stating "we're working very hard on development, and it's coming along well".

Gran Turismo: Sport was recently delayed into 2017. The title has a different format for the series that focuses on multiplayer competition and hot laps rather than a progressive single-player campaign. We weren't particularly impressed by its E3 build, but there's plenty of room for the game to be straightened out prior to launch.