ARK: Survival Evolved Coming To The PS4 Next Week

The unforgiving landscape and flesh-eating Dinosaurs of ARK: Survival Evolved will finally be terrorizing PS4 players. On Tuesday, Dec. 6, the survival-adventure game will be available for purchase in North America and Europe.

In an announcement today, Studio Wildcard detailed how PS4 players in Europe will have the opportunity to purchase the Base Game and/or the expansion, while players in North America only have the option to purchase the ARK Survival Bundle, which includes the base game and its Scorched Earth expansion. The bundle will be priced at $54.99 USD.

ARK: Survival Evolved is still in Steam's Early Access program, which makes its console release a continued oddity, after its release last year for Xbox One. At this point, though, the game is slated for release in Spring of 2017, so it won't be much longer now for a full release.

The announcement promised "a constant stream of major updates" for PS4 users, which will presumably update them simultaneously with the other platforms, including all new content and any performance or gameplay mechanics improvements.