The Last Of Us Reddit Flooded With Moderator Applications After The Last Of Us Part II Reveal

Naughty Dog was very clearly the savior of Playstation Experience, or, at least, the premier developer. While the reveal of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy ruffled the nostalgia feathers well, nothing created quite as much buzz as The Last of Us 2. And this extended far beyond the convention itself.

Yesterday, it was revealed that r/thelastofus received a sudden flood of applications from people hoping to volunteer as a moderator for the popular subreddit, all since Sony's reveal of The Last of Us 2. Sounds like a cherry gig, one any gamer would be lucky to have.

Only problem? The positions have been filled. Apparently, the subreddit anticipated a sequel being announced at PlayStation Experience (as we all did) and prematurely filled extra moderator positions.

"In the past if we have needed new mods, a post has been stickied where we will be accepting applications," the post reads. "We currently have enough moderators at this time."

If you still want to help out on a Naughty Dog-related forum, maybe you could try the Crash Bandicoot Reddit, as I don't think anyone saw that reveal coming.