Final Fantasy XV Falters In Japan, Slowest Selling Final Fantasy Since 1992

Between its generally positive review scores and over five million units shipped worldwide, Final Fantasy XV has appeared to be a smash hit in every sense of the term since it debuted last week. But that's only the beginning, and it's certainly not performing well everywhere.

Media Create's latest figures have the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XV at 690,471 units sold in Japan during its first week on the market. Although this eclipses most games, it's actually disappointing for a Final Fantasy title, especially in its home country.

In comparison, Final Fantasy XIII sold 1,654,012 in a shorter time, as it was released on a Thursday compared to XV being released on a Tuesday (figures are recorded from Monday to the end of Sunday). With a million sold on day one alone, FFXIII greatly outperformed XV. In-fact, Final Fantasy XV has become the worst selling numbered Final Fantasy game in Japan since Final Fantasy V, a game that launched more than 24 years ago.

Some are already placing blame on the PS4's poor performance in the country, whose diminished install base has huge implications in the region.

And in case you're wondering, an additional 3,791 copies were sold for Xbox One.


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