The Last Of Us Part II’s Trailer Song Tops Spotify’s Viral 50 Chart

While the trailer for The Last of Us Part II didn't necessarily break the internet, it certainly put it on notice. Trailer analyses, fan theories; the whole nine yards of coverage was lobbed at the feet of Naughty Dog for finally announcing what will only become the most anticipated game of whatever year it releases.

It's also done wonders for the song Ellie is featured singing and playing with a guitar. That song – "Through the Valley," by Shawn James – has topped Spotify's Global Viral 50 Chart, which tracks the highest-trending songs each week.

Even before this news, Shawn James posted on his Facebook page on Dec. 10 a touching note of gratitude toward Naughty Dog and the millions of listeners.

"In just one week," James wrote. "one of my favorite songs I've written that was released over 4 years ago has been heard by millions of people around the world. The amount of love and support received has been beautifully overwhelming. I can't thank the crew at Nuaghty Dog, LLC & The Last of Us 2 enough for the push and all of you out there for seeking out the music on your own and exploring our library of songs. I hope to meet you all out on the road next year."

Naughty Dog Tweeted out a congratulations to James in the wake of his song's topping the Spotify chart. Everything The Last of Us touches will assuredly turn to gold.