Watch: 30-Minute DOOM Documentary Shares Secrets Of Development

You might have heard the news of Danny O'Dwyer leaving GameSpot to make video game documentaries. It was huge news at the time given his reputation, to a point where within only two months he's accrued over 3,500 patrons. That's over $20,000/month for you accountants out there.

It didn't take long for O'Dwyer to get to work. His first documentary was centered on Rocket League, a game that defied all indie game odds by selling one million copies within its first week. As popular as the first video was, the second one is much more interesting.

The video in question is called DOOM Resurrected – To Hell & Back, and it's all about id Software's story regarding the canceled DOOM 4 project and what is now known as DOOM (2016). The video includes interviews with several high profile staff members, in addition to paying homage to the original 1993 release that forever changed gaming.

You can watch the documentary below.