Turtle Rock Studios Are Back At It With New FPS After Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios is already back in the first-person-shooter business, creative director Phil Robb announced today. The Evolve developers are still in the immediate aftermath of Evolve Stage II's effective end, but are evidently ready to move on to new ground.

Their new game will be a "heart-pounding, moment-to-moment online co-op FPS action," Robb revealed in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, which sounds an awful lot like Evolve, but will be a "new franchise."

The game will likely be free-to-play, as Turtle Rock Studios is partnering with renowned F2P publisher Perfect World (Gigantic, Star Trek Online).

This also explains the wealth of new employment opportunities that Turtule Rock Studios announced last month. According to their website, they are still hiring for several open art and design positions.

Is it too late for Turtle Rock Studios, or is the "DLC sh**storm" that was Evolve firmly in the past for gamers? That will be fine line TRS has to navigate with their new shooter.