Overwatch Santa Skin For Mei Reportedly Leaks [UPDATE]

[Update]: Given that the image was from an advertisement bar, I was able to visit the website and refresh enough times until this advertisement showed up again. You can try for yourself here. This seems to confirm that this leak is, in fact, legitimate.

[Original Story]: In all our musings over who would end up with the Santa suit costume in Overwatch as part of the winter holiday event, we forgot one very likely option: Mei.

That now appears to be a reality, as a partial image of a Santa (or perhaps Mrs. Claus) skin has leaked via a Taiwanese website (forum.gamer.com.tw). This image is also from an advertisement bar on that website, which likely means it wasn't created by the forum's users.

While doubting the legitimacy of this image is perfectly understandable, it's also important to note that similar websites are what leaked the Halloween Skins for Junkensteins Revenge. According to translation by a thread in the Overwatch forums, the words over the text say "Mei's Snowball Game."

We will have more as official updates from Overwatch's holiday event are released.