Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition Shambles Over To Mac, With Crossplay

*inhales sharply* Techland's parkour zombie melee/shooter/buggy-driving simulator/open world game with RPG elements Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition *dramatic exhale* is now available to Mac users via Steam.

For clarity, there is no longer a base Dying Light game, as that was removed from Steam upon the release of Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition, which includes the base game, its expansion and all its DLC.

Along with simply making it available, it will also support crossplay with PC players and crossbuy. So, if you're someone with a PC and a Macbook, Techland has you covered.

The full year's worth of DLC alone is an impressive offering all bundled together, and The Following expansion added dozens of hours of gameplay to the main game, even if you just play the story mode one time through. The addition of a post-max-level progression system increases that playtime even further.

While many people are still waiting on the hopeful announcement of Dying Light 2, this ought to wet the appetites of Mac users and add even more people to the call for a sequel.