Final Fantasy XV Adds New Game Plus Beginning Next Week

Final Fantasy XV is hopping on the New Game Plus train – a locomotive everyone really should have boarded in the first place, but better late than never.

Beginning next week, on Dec. 22, Final Fantasy XV is releasing the Holiday Pack with both a free and premium version, the game's official twitter account announced today.

The free version will include New Game Plus and extra in-game items, some of which are useful for challenge runs. Although some are commenting that the game lacks a traditional hard mode and perhaps should have added that before New Game Plus.

Final Fantasy XV joins Dishonored 2 in recent games that added New Game Plus post-release, which raises the question as to why game developers don't think we want it. Are they not confident that their game has replay value?

While it's disappointing that it wasn't there from the start, I'm sure people are happy that New Game Plus is well on its way. It's important to note, though, that features like this can impact review scores, and it's not often that sites will re-review games unless there is a drastic change.


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