Free 4.5GB Update For Mafia 3 Adds Races, Car Customization and Collectibles

Without any prior announcement, 2K Games has released a significant new update for Mafia 3. Best of all, it's free.

Weighing in at 4.5GB on PC and a similar size on other platforms, today's update focuses on the automotive side of Mafia 3. Among its features are 12 new racing events (circuit and point-to-point) where players can compete for rewards. Car customization options have also been added including alteration of exhaust, body kits, wheels, and even exterior decals for each of the game's 10 collectible vehicles, one of which is brand new to the game (Griffin Marauder).

For players who aren't into racing new outfits and a custom revolver have also been added in the update.

The official update trailer can be seen below:

Additional free updates are planned for Mafia 3 in addition to three paid story expansions.