Free Gravity Rush 2 Demo Hits PS Store Tomorrow

Gravity Rush 2 won't bet out until next month, but you'll be able to get a feel for it as early as tomorrow.

The sequel to the popular Japanese beat-em-up action platformer will have a free demo hit the PS Store tomorrow. The demo will be playable for both those who have played the series before and those who have not, with one path functioning more as a tutorial and the other functioning as a true demo.

As was the case with the remaster of Gravity Rush, which was previously only a PS Vita game, this is another opportunity for the studio to sell you on the game. No one was really demanding a remaster for Gravity Rush at the time, and its control scheme clearly worked much better for the Vita, so it was really only there to give PS4 users a taste of what the series has to offer.

Continuing that metaphor, the demo for Gravity Rush 2 will act more as a full appetizer. If you like what you see, I'm sure the PS Store will have a well-linked "buy full game" option.

Gravity Rush 2 is only for PS4, and the demo will unlock at 10 a.m. PST tomorrow, Dec. 22.