Amazon Reveals Top 2 Best-Selling Games For Holiday 2016

2016's strong game line-up gave consumers a number of reasons to head out and spend during the holiday season. Many games have been well-represented by sales data, resulting in over a billion dollars in revenue during a three month period.

Several retailers have begun sharing what the best-selling games of the year have been. Amazon has joined in to share two of its best-sellers.

According to Amazon, the two best-selling games on its website for the 2016 holiday season were Pokemon Sun & Moon, and Final Fantasy XV. Pokemon Sun & Moon led the pack by a considerable margin, a result that has been shared by several other retailers.

Both games released during the early to mid holiday season to strong critical reception. Although they were considered to be in high demand by consumers, both games only saw a 24 hour sale price after Black Friday. This helped sales, but was only a fraction of their participation on sales charts.

High demand for Final Fantasy XV in particular is surprising to many. Brand equity has been severely weakened during the past few years, causing underwhelming sales figures from major releases in the franchise. However, positive reception for the latest title in addition to effective marketing have made it successful during its first two months on the market.

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[Via: Business Wire]