Liberty City Is Coming To Grand Theft Auto V

Although considered controversial, Grand Theft Auto IV is among the three highest rated games of all-time. Released in 2008, its open world was a step ahead of the rest of the industry, earning accolades from critics and gamers alike. Its representation of Liberty City featured impeccable detail, making it a memorable place to visit for millions of gamers.

For the many who miss Liberty City, a modding team that goes by the name OpenIV has something special in production. This small group of coders is currently working on adapting Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City into Grand Theft Auto V's more advanced RAGE engine. This will not only provide a more highly detailed version of the city to explore, but also supports the much improved gameplay and mechanics of the newer game.

The new location for Los Santos will be available within the currently existing world of Grand Theft Auto V, although you'll need to cross a large body of water to get there. To install, you'll need a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV as this mod effectively converts its files to work within Grand Theft Auto V's code.

A trailer has been released which demonstrates what OpenIV is aiming for. It can be seen below:

This project is said to have been in development since Grand Theft Auto V's release in 2013 and has an imminent release date.