Fans Will Have To “Wait a Little Longer” For FFVII Remake, 2018 Release Likely

Final Fantasy VII Remake has now been in production for more than two years. Many gamers are wondering when they can expect to play it. Unfortunately, it may be farther out than originally anticipated.

Speaking to Famitsu, director Tetsuya Nomura shared that fans should expect to "wait a little longer" for release, although the studio is "making steady progress on its production".

Although Final Fantasy VII Remake is episodic in nature, which will reduce development time for the first chapter release, it's also a reproduction of one of the biggest games in history. The amount of work required to craft a city like Midgard with modern 3D graphics, let alone fine tune the combat system to be satisfactory, is well beyond what most developers dare try.

Many forecasts have been placing Final Fantasy VII Remake's first episode at a 2018 release, which is fine but very late into the generation. If it arrives later than that, the industry will be bordering on a new generation of consoles, which could complicate things for the remake whose engine was built to take advantage of the PS4's hardware.

If you're interested in Final Fantasy VII Remake, be sure to share us what you want and expect.