Xbox One Has Sold Half As Many Consoles As PS4

Microsoft has experienced a turbulent generation with its Xbox One, which has undergone tremendous changes in three years. Although it has stuck by its side with investment and marketing pushes, the console hasn't ended up in as many consumer homes as Microsoft originally hoped.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't release sales figures anymore, which means that analysts have had to investigate for themselves to determine just how large (or small) the Xbox One's install base really is.

One such analytics company is SuperData, which recently released a report written in anticipation of the Nintendo Switch's launch. In it the firm estimated that the Xbox One has sold 26 million units.

Sony recently confirmed that the PS4 has sold 53.4 million units worldwide following strong performance during the holiday 2016 season. This roughly places the Xbox One's market share at less than half that of the PS4.

The Xbox One recently saw a surge of demand following the release of the Xbox One S. Some of that demand has fallen off, and heading into 2017 it has a soft exclusive release schedule. Announcements made during the year, especially at E3, in addition to the release of Project Scorpio will be pivotal to its future success.