Obsidian Designer Reveals Timeline For Pillars Of Eternity 2 Reveal

As we've seen for the past few days, Obsidian is up to something, and they're making it incredibly obvious. With the forums abuzz as to the nature of the reveal, it's clear that it's something related to Pillars of Eternity and very likely a sequel.

But when will Obsidian finally throw us a bone, spill the beans, dish the dirt, or any other relevant metaphor? Obsidian game designer Josh Sawyer has not-so-subtly given us that timeline.

Just as Obsidan was hinting at all this stuff, changing their homepage image and all that jazz, Sawyer Tweeted out a video of "Something's Coming," the song from the popular musical "West Side Story." But hey, maybe he just likes the song.

Then, two days ago, on Jan. 18, he Tweeted a link to the hit Beatles song "Eight Days A Week."

Then yesterday, Sawyer Tweeted the Sting song Seven Days.

Still not convinced? Because just today Sawyer followed it up Tweeting a song called "Six Days" by DJ Shadow.

While I'm convinced he's going to run out of relevant song titles before we finally get to the reveal, it's very clear that Sawyer is counting down the days to an announcement. So, depending on whether or not Sawyer is counting today, I'd expect Pillars of Eternity 2 to be announced Wednesday or Thursday of next week.