Titanfall 2’s Next Free Update Takes Inspiration From Paintball; Future Roadmap Revealed

As revealed by EA last year, Titanfall 2 will benefit from free post-release updates going forward. All players will have access to this content at no cost, inviting player retention while avoiding the DLC barriers that many modern FPS games are affected by.

Titanfall 2 is continuing in its post-launch support efforts with an update called Live Fire. Arriving in February, the update has taken influence from America's 20th favorite pastime: paintball.

Live Fire Mode will be a new way to play the game when the update arrives. This mode features 6 v 6 competition in a hybrid format that blurs the line between capture the flag and elimination. Rounds last 60 seconds, and whichever team is holding the neutral flag at that time earns a point.

Live Fire Mode encourages "lightning-fast competitive matches" that reward offense much more than defense, and teamwork more than individual performance.

In addition to the February update reveal, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that an update will arrive in March titled Colony. As fans of the original Titanfall might remember, Colony is a popular map featuring a crashed megacarrier in a South American favela environment.

Titanfall 2 debuted to remarkable praise last year, earning accolades from press and multiple game of the year award nominations.