Indie Developer Publicly Tells Trump Supporters Not To Buy Its Game and F*** Off

During the past 18 months politics have been a driver of division around the world. Although some have made an effort not to get caught in the fiery discussion, others have found the climate a great opportunity to lash out at those they don't agree with. And with social media providing an accessible public platform to everyone, it's easier than ever to do so.

Among those unhappy with President Trump's policies is MidBoss, LLC. an indie studio that published 2064: Read Only Memories, a retro adventure title, to PS4 and Steam two weeks ago.

Looking to make a statement, the studio used its Twitter account to say the following:

With over 4,000 followers, the post has been liked by more than 900 people.

MidBoss, LLC. describes itself as a "geek culture company with a focus on LGBT lifestyles within gaming culture". Headquartered in San Francisco, it prides itself in its staff of "professionals from diverse backgrounds".

Trump supporters have been made a public target in recent months. Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey found himself under strong scrutiny after it came out that he supported President Trump. Thousands asked for his resignation, and attacked him on Twitter.

The response to MidBoss, LLC's post has been largely supportive. The majority of replies on Twitter and forums have agreed with the post, going as far as to say that they "want more devs to say this".