Most Of Final Fantasy XV’s Dev Team Is Still Working On the Game

It's been discussed at great length just how far Square Enix is going to support Final Fantasy XV in its post-launch life. Major additions, including a Moogle Chocobo Carnival and epilogue story content, have been planned to release throughout the full length of 2017. Many gamers have wondered why every publisher doesn't do this. The answer is more simple than it may appear.

Speaking to DualShockers, Tabata shared that 70% of the team is hard at work on post-launch content for Final Fantasy XV. Given Square Enix Business Division 2's size of more than 300, this means that at the very least more than 100 people are still working on content.

This heavy investment comes with a price. While 30% of the team has been moved to other divisions to work on upcoming opportunities, Square Enix is continuing to pour funding into Final Fantasy XV as if its development cycle of more than 10 years wasn't enough. The title's sales of more than six million units (as of January 10th) and counting might be more than enough to justify the investment.

Though costly, this comes with great benefit to gamers. Many have already been impressed by its December and January updates, which were admittedly small compared to what's to come; the value proposition is getting better every few weeks at this point.

This sort of support is usually only seen with MMOs, including Final Fantasy XIV which has enjoyed notable financial success since its relaunch in 2013.

Final Fantasy XV is confirmed to be getting three DLC episodes in 2017, each focusing on the supporting cast members of the game (Gladiolus, Ignis, an Prompto). It will also receive a multiplayer expansion by the name of Comrades later this year.