Nintendo Switch Unreal Engine 4 Footage Surfaces via Snake Pass

Nintendo's top people have spoken at length recently on the importance of popular developer tools such as Unreal Engine 4 and Unity making their way to Switch. As of earlier today, it appears we now have proof of concept to go by that isn't just a fan project. Sumo Digital's platformer Snake Pass was announced as coming to Switch earlier this month, and its developers streamed the game live on their Twitch channel to showcase what the Switch and Unreal together are really capable of.

While admittedly not much of a "killer app," Snake Pass does look pretty fun, and perhaps more importantly, it demonstrates how the process of porting PC games to Nintendo's new hybrid ought to work. Some choice quotes from the stream are highlighted below.


"Just so you know, this is actually the Switch version that we're playing on as well so it's looking pretty darn good to say the least."

"Because of how Unreal and Nintendo have been working together for the most part on getting Unreal Engine working on the Switch, we got it at least running in a week, so they say."

"The fact that Nintendo are working so closely with Epic, it's great, it's really going to enable and empower a lot of people to get great games on the Switch fast. The idea of new hardware arriving and getting a game up and running in a weekish is previously unheard of, it's very clear that there's been a great working relationship between those two."

As much as I wanted to take Miyamoto's word for it, remarks like these from in-the-trenches devs are a lot more promising than investor Q&A chatter. Snake Pass is releasing in the first quarter of 2017, so if you're looking for something shiny to play on your Switch alongside Zelda, it'll likely serve as a worthwhile and visually impressive diversion. For more info, you can check out the game's official site here