Watch: Sniper Elite 4’s Launch Trailer Shows Off The Tactics Of Chaos

Last week, I wrote briefly about Sniper Elite 4's attempt to balance stealth and action, arguing that an increase in action would beget a decrease in tactics, calling into question the game's billing as a "tactical shooter."

But, as Sniper Elite 4's launch trailer just showed, those two qualities aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

The latest trailer for the Nazi-kill-a-thon showed how you can both strike from the shadows and use well-planned explosions to achieve your goals. You can raise a high alert, only to draw your enemies into a trap you've already laid, or keep a low-profile and continue to pick off your enemies one-by-one.

As we mentioned in our impressions earlier, Stealth does appear to be the premiere mechanic, but it's nice to see that it's not strapping you to it and that you're still able to use your brain while flaunting your braun.

Sniper Elite 4 will be releasing on Valentine's Day, and a pre-order will net you the Target Fuhrer mission, allowing you to shoot Hitler right in his sweetheart. Happy hunting.